Naxos is a Greek island with an area of 429.79 square kilometers. and is 103 nm. from Piraeus. It is the largest island of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. Traditionally, the first inhabitants of the island were the Thracians and the Pelasgians

Kastraki Beach
Kastraki is the longest beach in Naxos (3 km length) with fine white sand and turquoise waters. The beach is ideal for resting and relaxation, for fishing or swimming. Due to the large scale there are several access points to the beach. The Kastraki beach is ideal for walking from one end to the other and is also ideal to light a fire one night with full moon.
Orkos Beach
Between Plaka and Mikri Vigla there is the magestic beach of Orkos, far away from the hustle of cosmic beaches of Naxos. Its feature is the consecutive small bays, a unique setting, which is ideal for diving away from the crowds. White sand on the seabed, tranquility and panoramic views of the island’s southwest side, a scene you shouldn’t miss if you visit Naxos.
Mikri Vigla Beach
As we understand from its name (Vigla) it was previously an observatory, probably because of the fear from pirates in Naxos. There are essentially two beaches: Limanaki and Parthenos, separated by a huge rock. Both beaches are sandy and wonderful. The Parthenos beach is a meeting place for the friends of kitesurfing and windsurfing since weather conditions are ideal here for these kind of sports. The special about these two beaches is the fact that while on the one beach you can enjoy the windless bath , on the other beach the sportsfans enjoy the strong winds! In the area there are also some restaurants.
Psili Ammos Beach
On the eastern side of Naxos between Moutsouna and Panormos, you will find the beach of Psili Ammos. It is a beach with fine sand (as its name says) and tall trees (cedars) on sand dunes. It’s another beach in Naxos with a unique almost tropical landscape, which will make you forget any problems and daily stress.
Agios Georgios Beach
Saint George’s Beach is a sandy, crowded beach with shallow waters and is located only three (3) min. away from Naxos Town when moving south. It is sheltered from the winds, which is a frequent phenomenon in the Cyclades. It is ideal for families with children and for various water sports. All around you will find bars and restaurants for all tastes.